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Introducing “Mobile Sales”

Boost your sales productivity! With Integra8 Mobile Sales, your sales reps can plan their trips, manage clients and orders, and capture market and competitors information on the go right at their fingertips

Sell Smarter, CRM Anywhere.

Account & Contact

At anywhere, view your customers 360-degree, know their preferences, transaction histories, and engagement activities.

Order Processing

At any points, take orders, win your deals, and embrace your customers’ needs. From take order to win deals, all process in one system.


At any time, turn data into insights to control the game and make informed decisions. So you are always ahead of the game.

Sales Planning

At anytime, plan your sales visit, manage pipelines, align your team and drive performance with ease.


At any points, stay tuned to all collections and manage your sales revenue.

Offline & Online

At any spots, stay connected with your customers, your sales plans, and your team even without internet.

Inventory and Stock

At a glance, know your product inventory levels, Real-time stock update and quick response to serve customers the best experience.

Market Survey

At any time, stay competitive with competitors insights, customer feedbacks and market movements.

How Integra8 Mobile Sales

Benefits Your Business?

Increase sales productivity

Sales reps are able to visit more customers and take more orders in a day.                

Reduce cost and time spent on tedious work

Eliminate tedious paperwork and trip reports

Sales monitoring and control

Track your sales reps performances with real-time data and visibility..

Streamlined workflow

Efficient and seamless order processing that can be integrated to your backend systems.

Centralized customer information

Eliminate information loss while leveraging knowledge transfer in the events of personnel changes. .

Elevate brand image

Look professional when your sales reps visit customers with on-hand information accessible on their smartphones or tablets.

Mapping & Navigation

With customers pinpoint to their geolocations,  no more time wasted to find a way to get to their customers.

Sell Smarter, CRM Anywhere.